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How to organize a successful book exchange

Why read?
• Reading develops grammar, vocabulary and analytical thinking.
• Reading reduces stress.
• Reading improves your memory.
• Reading teaches you new things and increases general knowledge. 

What you’ll need:
• Shelf or table
• Books
• A sign to let people know how to use the book exchange
• A poster to encourage people to participate in the book exchange

How to use the book exchange:
1. Bring a book (or books) and leave it for other people to read
2. Exchange your book for a difference one
3. If you see a book you want but don’t have one to exchange take it anyway and bring one in another time

• Spice it up with variety! Novels, how-to books, cookbooks, gardening books and magazines are all great!
• Put up signs to create awareness and encourage people to participate.
• Move the books around on the shelves every few days to display new ones.
• Your local library is a great place to gather books to start.
• Add bookmarks provided by the Learning City Initiative.