Learning City will address overall issues related to learning in Greater Sudbury as well as initiatives aimed specifically at different areas along the lifelong learning continuum.

Kids and father looking curious

The work of the Learning City will adhere to the following principles:

► Encourage the building of partnerships and foster the sharing of resources and expertise.
► Recognize that groups exist with unique learning needs and address them so that everyone can participate in lifelong learning.
► Be as accessible as possible - culturally, geographically, financially, etc.
► Economic, cultural and social well-being should be the focus of lifelong learning.
► Projects should be practical, action-oriented, have measurable targets and include evaluation.
► Projects should build on creating a community that is attractive to learners outside our community (provincially, nationally and globally).
► Projects should build learner resilience and adaptability.
► Focus on moving the whole community up - no one should be left behind.
► Clear, frequent, effective communication about the initiative should occur with the people of Greater Sudbury, funders and partners.
► The initiative should be respectful of learners and providers of education.